Lens-Artists Challenge #154 – One Photo Two Ways

Photography I had been looking for a way to discuss best practices when taking photographs for your Social Media, and as I was scrolling my new blogging platform I came across the PERFECT thing! The “one photo two ways” challenge. My “hobby” is gardening, so a lot (oops, ALL) of my “one photo two ways”Continue reading “Lens-Artists Challenge #154 – One Photo Two Ways”

Scissortail Social

Just a little introduction, more to come soon! Scissortail Social is an Oklahoma-based Marketing Consulting Agency. Whoa! That sounds “official”! At Scissortail Social our goal is to support local Oklahoma-grown businesses and organizations in their marketing efforts. We know not everyone can have a “designer” or “marketer” on staff. That is why we are hereContinue reading “Scissortail Social”